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The painting below was captured from a well known Artist
Jonathon Earle Bowser's "Mystic Passage"
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Thank You "Jonathon" for the use of your Talent

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MysticPass by Jonathon Earl Bowser - Artist

Star Spider Dancing says, ".... Another thought that comes to mind as I look at the full image above, is that this passage goes from regular material Earth to the Spirit World where things are very much as we knew them here, but different too. (Higher vibrations even in the science sense, like in quantum mechanics - therefore "finer" in more than one way.) Important Totem Spirits are watching over the passage.
Yes, all four elements are represented here.
The Animal Spirits in Mystic Passage are not placed in same positions as Medicine Wheel positions. It does not matter, they do not have to be. They still have significance."

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